Create a Home As Distinctive As You Are

You’ve worked hard to achieve a place in the sun—a place where you can launch or live out your dreams. Your home should be the place where you and your family can express personal tastes and individual choices. A home that reflects your personal taste in every  breathtaking detail—beckoning you to a lifestyle that is as distinctive as you are.

We provide three pillars of value in each and every home that we build.


An uncompromising commitment to quality workmanship is what sets us apart in the markets we serve. Our commitment includes your freedom to choose materials that are of superb quality. We don’t make you settle for materials that are in the volume stockpiles used by most production builders. We special order the quality materials that make your home precisely what you want it to be.

We offer a broad array of classic exteriors that offer timeless taste, expressed in your choices of brick, roof and trim colors—to name just a few.  From there, you define your own dramatic interior where you can make your own style statement in choices of paint, floors, fine wood cabinetry and more. The only limits are your own imagination!

Engrav Manion Builders puts a premium on providing excellent customer service. That exciting process starts with your choice of highly livable plans that offer efficient use of space while accommodating active lives. Before closing, we’ll walk through the home with you to be sure that every detail is attended to. After move in, we provide prompt response to your needs, and your home is covered by one of the best warranties in the business.